Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hands down, my favorite sport. Dodgers are my baseball team, and its always been that way. I did not play in high school, although I wish I did. Heres the reason;

Little League age 7

It was our first game. I was super excited. I was the first batter up in the 2nd inning. I step up, and I hit the first pitch they threw. wayyyyy into right. Now I'm so nervous, I run to first and everyone tells me to go to 2nd base. I get there and everyone is still yelling at me. I have no idea why, but I got confused,so I just ran back to first base. everyone was pissed I started crying and I ran to the car never to see the field again.

Everytime I thought about joining a team, I would be hesitant because of what happened. Sure, I'd pick up on many neighborhood pick up baseball games, but I would never try out for a team. As much as I wanted to become a baseball player for the Dodgers, I would never overcome my fear of trying out. I hit the batting cages every now and then, but it just isn't the same.


uh-lean-uh said...

Baseball is definitely one of the best sports ever. I played softball from 5th grade until my senior year of highschool and regret not playing in college alllll the time.

also, i dont know how long you've been following my blog but sorry it took so long for me to comment!

kathleen anne said...

Everytime I thought about joining a team, I thought about the fact that I was picked last daily in gym class. (N)