Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I remember being six

Hanging out with my cousin Abel and a couple kids from my street. My grandma lived on one side of the catwalk, and on the other side (the bad part of town) was my aunt and cousins house. Now my cousins dad was a main guy in a gang related family. I was brought up in this lifestyle. Back then, you didn't see any downsides in being in a gang. Its just always people hangingout together, non stop bbq's. Well, I remember Abel and I saw some gangster movies with those dudes, and we wanted to be like them. So we had it planned out, when my grandma and aunt came through the door, we would be pretending to do drugs (we had paper rolled up like joints behind our ears, and sugar lined up). Well, they walked in and I quickly started "awww, this cocaine is soooo good" and Abel grabbed his joint from his ear "oh, this weed is making me high" and within two minutes we were crying cause they hit us soooo hard. as they were hitting us, they were saying "you think its fun to do drugs?". After getting whipped with the belt, red marks on my ass and my arm fro trying to block the whippings on my ass. We figured to just be gangsters that don't do drugs. To this day, Abel and I dont do drugs.

* I'm on the top in the brown bandanna, Abel in the Red bandanna on the corner*

Del Monte Avenue is one of the roughest streets in that small town to this day. it was harder back then.

Life Lesson for parents: when your kid pretends to do drugs. whip the shit out of him/her. They won't touch that shit in fear of the belt hitting his/her ass.

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