Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WWF Champion loses in a Royal Rumble against 1,000,000 ants

Around 5 or 6 my dad came back into my life, it was interesting. I lived at his place near Fresno, California, which was lame,cause of the heat. Well, there was one thing that made me love it, my Grandpa Bo. This guy was amazing and would do anything for anybody. Just a Genuine guy with a big heart. He spoiled me, even when he couldn't. One time he bought a Ninja Turtle ice cream (Leonardo) with 100 pennies. The ice cream man was pissed as he jingled away down the block. About a week after that, my dad and grandpa took me to my first WWF show. It was amazing to see my favorite wrestler, the Ultimate Warrior. I was a huge Ultimate Warrior superfan. My dad bought me a WWF Champion belt I wore it everywhere.

One day I was eating a ninja turtle ice cream on top of the mailbox out in the front lawn, with my belt on. I see a girl down the street that babysat me a couple times I was down there. She was with her boyfriend. I really liked her. I was trying to play it cool, and maybe win her over by calling out her boyfriend saying I'm the WWF Champion. Well, as I was talking my smack, ants were climbing on my legs. I guess the mailbox was on a anthill and when i climbed on the mailbox, they followed me and crawled on my leg. My babysitter and her boyfriend start laughing at me and I notice soooo many ants on me and I start crying hysterically. My grandpa comes comes out and saves me. He starts rolling me around on the grass (which didn't help cause I was rolling on the ant hill) and he takes me to the bathroom puts me in bathtub with all my clothes ( he took my WWF belt off though) and starts running the water as I'm crying.

Thirty Minutes later, I'm sitting on the couch thinking about how stupid I looked to my babysitter. I have all these red spots on me cause of the ants biting me. and my grandpa hands me my belt and says "Well,you are the champion. you're the one alive, they are all dead!"

I miss that guy.

Life Lesson: If you're gonna talk shit to your babysitters' boyfriend, make sure he isn't friends with a million ants....he will win.

Also, if you're gonna be the WWF Champion, be sure you have a great tag team partner on your side......I did.

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Lauren said...

Those ice creams are off the hook, I always got the Tweety ones. However, my only complaint would have to be that the gum doesn't last very long because it is frozen and therefore kind of crumbles when you chew it. If they could fix that I would give those ice creams an A+. Instead they have an average A in my book.