Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Age 6

My grandma moved from her apartment to a house. a really old creepy house.......but, it was home. She got me a bb gun at the flea market (every Sunday, it happened 100 feet away from the house). I was super happy. I was sort of a trouble maker back then, and I went to the backyard and got tired of shooting soda cans. Well, there were a gang of birds......literally, a gang of birds. They had red bandannas on and were throwing up gang signs. jk, But , I started shooting at them. I couldn't hit shit. I got mad and threw the gun down. I got a rock and lobbed it at the birds, not really aiming. I killed one. I couldn't believe it. I felt super bad. I then went to the flea market, pretended to cry and told them it didn't work. got the money back. I then went to the liquor store and spent all my money on a bag of Frito's chips, airheads taffy and blow-pop rings..........then the rest went to the Simpsons arcade game.

Life lesson: killing things in the Simpsons game is wayyyyy more fun than killing things in real life


flylikepaper said...


I started cursing in my high-chair, no joke. We would have made great friends. Could have started a gang together and kicked the shit out of those dumb birds.

☆JOHN☆CAR-E-YO☆ said...

Hahaha... Dude. I aslo killed a bird once when I was in middle school... =( The seagulls were trying to attack me for my bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos... (Yeah I was pretty chunky kid that LOVED himself some Hot Cheetos everyday during break) So, In an act of pure self-defense, I chucked a piece of broken cinder-block up in the air and i cracked a seagull rigt in the dome. Initially I felt like a dick cause it just swirled down like airplanes do on cartoons or old movies when they crash. haha. And It just so happend to be the year the Atlanta Falcons were pretty good football team. So Whenever it was brought up amongst the "homies"... They'd start doing "The Dirty-Bird" sack/touchdown celebration. hahaha Fuckin' Jerks!... Good times Tho =)... Even after all that, I hate seagulls to this day... I wish somehow I could fly above, swoop by, and drop a deuce on'em and see if they see it as "Good-Luck"... WTF is that all about!?!?. haha =)

California Chris said...

you and your cheetos

"I got ma cheetos....and my condoms, I'm set"

The Drizzle said...