Monday, November 24, 2008

Where my teeth went

If you live in Castroville, or passed by it, you've seen the Catwalk. for those of you who never been, My friend Google Map has something to show you:
*click image to enlarge*

My cousin Abel and I decided to go down it with a skateboard and a bike. I let him use my Bike (they had training wheels) and I was on my knees on the skateboard. I was six, he was three, and we thought we were invincible! So, we go to the very top of it and we start rolling down. My board kept going sideways and we nearly ran into each other three times going downhill. Well, we forgot that a pole was down at the bottom of the catwalk.

So, we are going super fucking fast......I try to avoid it, but I ran into my cousin on the bike. He flies over his handlebars, I'm tumbling and bite the fucking curb. I get up, my mouth is bloody as fuck, and my teeth on the ground. He lost two teeth. Well, I lost four teeth that day. My two front teeth grew in right before Christmas (which my grandma said that was my only Christmas gift that year). My other two teeth (lateral incisors) never came in...and my Canines (cuspids) moved into their place.

Life lesson:
Don't be a badass at a young age. Cause all you get is your front teeth for Christmas the next year.

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