Sunday, November 23, 2008

my cousin Abel

I have a cousin named Abel. We were super close. everything we did, we did together. Since I was older (by 3 years) I thought I was smarter. my grandma ALWAYS had change just laying around the house we lived at. Well. we went looking for all the change we could find. we literally had maybe $25 (like $3 were in quarters) in silver. Well, we said we'd split it up, and go to the lady down the street and buy some Mexican candy. We were stoked.

I am 3 years older than him and started school, so I thought I could pull a fast one on him. We start splitting up the quarters evenly, and then my plan was supposed to go into action. I thought the bigger the coin, the more they are worth. So I was like "Abel, take these dimes, and i'll take the nickels. they are worth the same". So we go and this motherfucker got so much candy, it was ridiculous. I was so pissed the whole walk back home. I tricked myself. I finished my candy within a couple hours, he had his for days. whatever. Fuck that guy. I'm still mad

Life lesson:
Don't have a cousin named Abel, cause he'll be a gay, and eat candy in your face. and...... I guess, don't try to trick other people, cause it backfires.

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